The team

Straight from our Discord announcement, our team's original presentation



My background is in Law and I tried my hand as a lawyer for 3 years but didn’t like it and moved on to computer development. I started out freelancing and after over 20 years, I am now the CEO of my company and regularly work with junior and senior devs. I believe my greatest skills lie in problem solving, networking, listening and brainstorming movements and choosing people that have the skills needed for shared success of everyone. I’m a bit of a nerd and also an astronomer and I found Scrub’s community to be a great one. I want to create value for the space as a whole and I think everybody will have a profit from this project, but we must succeed in creating some tools for everyone, not only for some certain group. I don’t believe in only asking people to “hold hold hold”, as everyone will have to take some profits but we can build something bigger. I love reading, watching series and outdoor activities like tennis and hiking.

Other team members

Deg3n3ro/Multilumix - communication

Frenk - NFTs artist - design

Loki - Moderator and commerce responsible

Dev staff count usually 3-4 more people

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