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$LION holders may spend their tokens for various kinds of giftcards to purchase goods and services in the real world. You can visit our e-commerce page using this link: https://scrub.money/giftcards
$LIONs holders can simply visit our store, select the desired gift card and exchange it for the corresponding $LIONs.
In their panel users will find the selected giftcard and entirely on-chain they will receive the code to be entered on the site chosen for the purchase, without the need to carry out any KYC whatsoever.
A portion of the sells (5%) goes to Gen0 and Gen1 NFTs staked.
The spent LIONs will then be sold by the team through the LION CAVE or on the market, if the former option is not available. In this way, the purchase of gift cards does not generate a direct sell pressure on $LION.
This page was last edited on: December 3rd, 2022
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