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LIONs Back Fund

A fund has been established on a cross chain wallet.
This fund will be filled with money from projects revenues, web3 consultancy and other form of real business income. The target of this fund is to grow until all existing $LIONs will be backed by 0.025$ each.
When this is accomplished, $LION will be the first peg-to-backed token in DeFi history.
A second way to achieve the back fund is to buy from market amounts of $LIONs and remove them from circulation.
This can be a better choice than put USDT/USDC in fund because if $LIONs value is less than 0.025$ we can remove more $LIONs than back them.
A token born to be a speculative pegged diluted and printed from thin air becomes a hard-backed USDC token.
Every single $LION printed so far will have real money behind it.
Lion Back Fund: 0x932A3FE07002D0B98A2Dec0B70beE186b0b37c80
Amount so far: 9,700.00 USDT/USDC Amount so far: 42,743 LION (1,068.575 USDC)
This page was last edited on: December 3rd, 2022