Scrub Doc


Like any tomb fork we have an expansion token (LION) and a seigniorage token (TIGER). In addition to LION, we have a second expansion token (BEAR) which is always printed thanks to the possession of TIGER.
PEG ratio are LION/USDC 40:1, which means that the value of LION must be greater than 0.02525 USDC to allow TIGER to print LION and BEAR/WBTC 300:1, i.e. BEAR must be greater than 0.00336 WBTC to allow TIGER to print BEAR.
Like any tomb fork, its duration is not eternal, it depends on the amount of tokens printed over time and on the additional utility given by those who manage the project or even by external teams interested in using them.
Therefore, we invite those who want to invest in our tokens to find out about the various parameters that allow you to evaluate the real value of the tokens they are about to buy.
Since the peg is just a number, there is no upper limit on the token value, which can be even higher than the peg. It is not said that the value of LION and BEAR should be limited to the vicinity of the peg. The value of the tokens will depend on the utilities built around them. Therefore, unlike other tombs, we can affirm that our goal is to give new uses to tokens, disconnecting their value from the peg itself in the medium to long term.