Bond Mechanism (deprecated)

Bond doesn't exists anymore

As result of one of the steps taken to go over the TOMB scheme, both $LIONs and $BEARs BOND have been dismissed. Contracts still exist, but we do not supply the web3 interface to interact with them. We discourage everyone thinking about using them.

Before going into the detail of the bond explanation, the team points out that this mechanism is present in the tomb, but that its use is not recommended for some specific reasons.

The bond itself does not help the peg and does not guarantee a guaranteed return if the peg does not rise above 1.10. Given the nature of our project, it's not that simple for the peg to cross that threshold, so as we develop other more interesting use cases, tokens may be locked into bonds and not take advantage of these additional use cases.

The bond mechanism is primarily a high-risk investment that makes it possible to obtain a premium upon maturity of a condition.

If LION/BEAR is under peg it is possible to burn your LION/BEAR, thus reducing the quantity in circulation, obtaining in exchange a BOND (LBOND/BBOND) that can be redeemed to get back LION/BEAR when one of the two token regains the peg.

Between 1.01 and 1.09 TWAP you do not get any bonus in redeeming the BOND, however if you have requested the BOND you will want to wait until the value of the TWAP is above 1.1. Once above 1.1 TWAP, you can then exchange your LBONDS/BBONDS back for LION/BEAR and receive a bonus.

The greater the TWAP value the greater the bonus. The LION/BEAR you will get are taken from the expansion, so as long as there are BONDs in circulation the boardroom will print fewer tokens for TIGER owners.

It is important to remember that if the peg were never to be regained, the BONDs would have no value, while the LION/BEAR could still be worth something even below the value of the peg, therefore the bonus obtainable from the BONDs is justified by the assumption of this risk.

If LION is UNDER the peg / If BEAR is UNDER the peg:

  1. Buy LION/BEAR and exchange it for LBOND/BBOND. If you are LP'ing, you can break the LP to exchange LION/BEAR for LBOND/BBOND, and use the remaining USDC/WBTC to buy LION/BEAR to also exchange for LBOND/BBOND. Now you have a big fat bag of LBOND/BBOND.

  2. Sell LBOND/BBOND for a redemption bonus once LION/BEAR is back over peg (above 1.1 TWAP).

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