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Single Stake Tiger

The new reward centre
Boardroom has closed and another piece of the TOMB scheme has been turned off.
A new Single Stake Tiger pool was launched to allow people to single stake $TIGERs and get rewards.
Rewards consist of:
  • 80% of every single TIGER sell tax (10%) will be airdropped every 24 hours to stakers' wallets.
  • Every month the team performs $TIGER buybacks (using the KavaRise Grant) to sustain its price and to give it back $TIGERs to stakers.
  • We also decided to add some $TIGERs from our treasury wallet. The aim is to give a minimum amount every single day despite the price actions or the buybacks.
$Tiger buybacks will be completely random and will not be announced to avoid frontrunning.
Said buybacks can also be rewarded to the Single Stake Tiger pool randomly.
Single Stake Contract: 0x67041094c4fc1492A1AB988Fb8De0ab4A0a4A080
History of Tiger buyback (may be not updated)
This page was last edited on: December 15rd, 2022