Peg Mechanisms

The peg mechanisms have been changed. Right now, BEAR is connected to WBTC but boardroom doesn't print/distribute it anymore.

It is therefore capped and deflationary, since a 5% sell tax is in place. LION is still pegged to USDC at a rate of 0.025$, but we will airdrop a limited distribution to SINGLE STAKE TIGERs when over peg.

This will works until we fully back LION.

Once this has been done, we will have achieved our goal to transition out of the TOMB Fork model.

The peg mechanism is simple. If LION and BEAR are above the level of the peg they are both in the expansion phase and the boardroom where the TIGER are deposited will print both tokens.

If only one of the two is, TIGER will print only the one that is in the expansion phase.

If neither is, there will be no printing and both tokens will be in a contracting phase.

The two tokens can be in two different phases, one in the expansion phase and one in the contracting phase, in case one of the two is above the peg and the other is not.

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