Gen0 Lion NFTs

Scrubs 1st NFT collection

The first NFT collection was launched with a pre-sale campaign and a fixed price of 100$ worth of $LIONs. Said $LIONs could come from the LION CAVE worth 0.025$ each (4000 $LIONs for an NFT) or from the market where $LION price was settled at 0.024 (4166 $LIONs for an NFT).

Gen0 total supply of 300 NFTs were minted and airdropped to the pre-sale buyers and the rest went to the public sale.

Gen0 minted out in less than an hour of public sale after selling almost 200 out of 300 in the pre-sale campaign.

A total of 1,234,359 $LIONs were collected and burned.

To see all the NFTs, stake, or bid to buy one go here:

Be sure to be connected to the KAVA network.

Staking Gen0 NFTs will act as a $100 LP which will allow holders to gain every 24 hours a portion of:

  • $TIGERs coming from the farm rewards.

  • Every sell of LIONs has a 5% of tax and 40% of this goes directly in wallet of Gen0 stakers.

Gen0 NFT contract: 0x267a3B2d653Fb058daB3A226A01b2F771dbfe88e

Explore Gen0:

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