LION Distribution (deprecated)

$LION distribution has been removed from the BOARDROOM. It doesn't work anymore and we highly encourage people to unstake from the BOARDROOM and move $TIGERs in the new Single Stake.

That said, if $LION does go over the peg we will manually distribute $LIONs to Single Stake with a lower distribution.

At the beginning of every epoch, if the time weighted average price (TWAP) of LION is greater than 1.01, new LION will be minted in Scrub. The amount of new LION distributed depends on the current circulating supply of LION

Circulating Supply LION Minted:

Up to 2,000,000 4% expansion

Up to 3,000,000 3% expansion

Up to 6,000,000 2.25% expansion

Up to 12,000,000 1.5% expansion

Up to 18,000,000 1% expansion

Up to 24,000,000 0.75% expansion

Up to 60,000,000 0.5% expansion

60,000,000+ 0.4% expansion

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