BEAR Distribution (deprecated)

Bear is now CAPPED

BEAR has been removed from the TOMB mechanism and now is a truly capped token. Supply is around 1,000.00 and there will be no more minting of $BEAR.

Meanwhile, we launched a minimal viable marketplace for NFT Trading and wherein $BEAR is used. Every single sale on the new Marketplace will transfer a 5% fee that will be burnt.

This means that $BEAR is, not only capped, but deflationary as well and will grow in value over time.

$BEAR is also still linked to WBTC, so it is possible it could rise in value along with WBTC.

At the beginning of every epoch, if the time weighted average price (TWAP) of BEAR is greater than 1.01, new BEAR will be minted in Scrub. The amount of new BEAR distributed depends on the current circulating supply of BEAR

Circulating Supply BEAR Minted:

Up to 2,000,000 4% expansion

Up to 3,000,000 3% expansion

Up to 6,000,000 2.25% expansion

Up to 12,000,000 1.5% expansion

Up to 18,000,000 1% expansion

Up to 24,000,000 0.75% expansion

Up to 60,000,000 0.5% expansion

60,000,000+ 0.4% expansion

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