A brief history over time

First of all, let me update you on the fact that Scrub has totally changed the team from the beginning. Although we have not had any problems with the previous team, whom we thank for the work done and for the help in the transition phase, we would like to underline the change of management, to reassure those who, for personal and legitimate reasons, had any reservations previously.

To keep our history intact, it must be acknowledged that LION was pegged to SVN for the first period, until June, 12th, 2022.

After that day we decided to peg LION to a fractional part of USDC (40 LION : 1 USDC) in order to guarantee a constant value over time to our token, tying it only to the activities we carried out in the development of our roadmap.

For this reason, the primary liquidity has changed from LION/SVN to LION/USDC.

In the same way, BEAR was launched at the end of the first era, by the old team, and it was pegged to MSHARE.

We decided to peg BEAR to a fractional part of WBTC (300 BEAR: 1 WBTC) for the same reason, that is to give more value to the token by allowing BEAR to be linked to a solid asset such as bitcoin.

Right now the primary liquidity has changed from BEAR/MSHARE to WBTC/BEAR.

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