Scrub Doc


In early October, SCRUB decided to implement a new approach, promoting a strategy aimed to create the first backed token from a pegged one.
$LION was born from a Tomb scheme, printed over the peg of $SVN and all of them were issued only to be dumped.
After the change of peg from $SVN to $USDC, $LION started having some use cases and the peg of $USDC (0.025$) allowed $TIGER to print millions more.
After that, SCRUB team decided that $LION being inflationary would be detrimental for the project if not backed. In order to reduce the quantity of $LIONs to be backed, SCRUB launched a series of NFT collections with peculariar advantages, first being the collection of FEES and TAXES from e-commerce and sells.
3 generations of NFTs were to be sold for $LIONs to be destroyed and therefore reducing the supply to be backed.
300 Gen0 NFTs (LION NFTs) were sold in pre-sale for 100$ worth of $LIONs.
Each of these NFTs collect 40% of all fees and taxes from e-commerce and $LION sells.
600 Gen1 NFTs (TIGER NFTs) were sold in 20 minutes in whitelist and public mint for 120$ worth of $LIONs.
Each of these NFTs collects 30% of all fees and taxes from e-commerce and $LION sells, plus 20% of $TIGERs 10% sell tax.
Gen2 will be released in March. NFTs will have more and more advantages in the future as they are our "social cards", specifically designed to rewards our community.
This page was last edited on: December 3rd, 2022