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Lion Cave

Lion Cave is a simple contract that allows to buy $LIONs at a fixed price that right now is 0.025$
The price is calculate over the peg and the tax (5%) paid for sell around the peg. In this way there is no gain on buy in the Lion Cave and sell around the peg.
With the Lion Cave it is possible to buy directly only $LIONs that come from giftcard sell or small game fee or any emissions to the team.
Lion Cave exists and works same way on Cronos and Kava chains.
To check activities in the Lion Cave, check this contract address:
Cronos: 0xd77fe8d651d940f4cbd9109aea61a87675961d39 Kava: 0x199A0CD96065f50F9f7978c7BB47869503a9eD1E
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