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There is a 5% tax on each $LION sale. There is also a 5% tax on every giftcard sold. Taxes and fees goes to:
  • 40% to Gen0 NFTs staked
  • 30% to Gen1s NFT staked
  • 30% to future Gen2 NFTs staked (until that day, said 30% goes to treasury wallet to be removed from circulation)
There is a 10% tax on each $TIGER sale. Taxes goes to:
  • 80% to Single Stake Tiger
  • 20% to Gen1 NFTs staked
There is a 5% tax on each $BEAR sale. There is also a 5% tax fee on every NFT sale on our NFT Auction House and upcoming NFT Marketplace. Currently, the taxes are being removed from circulation by the team, while we plan to introduce a similar distribution model for the upcoming Gen2 NFTs.
At the moment these are the taxes applied to the sale of LION in whatever form it takes place, even with the instrument of the ZAPIN. Taxes are directly burned. No taxes are applied to any USDC involved in trade.
LION > 1.2 peg = 1% TAX
1.1 < LION < 1.2 = 2% TAX
LION < 1.1 = 5% TAX
BEAR > 1.2 peg = 1% TAX
1.1 < BEAR < 1.2 = 2% TAX
BEAR < 1.1 = 5% TAX
This page was last edited on: December 3rd, 2022